48 Port PoE Switch HikVision

48-Port PoE Switch & Perfect Connectivity

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48 Port PoE Switch & Perfect Connectivity in London UK

Simplify Network Management: 48-Port Switch - The All-in-One Solution.

Adapt, Conquer, Thrive. Our switches offer versatile mounting options and industry-specific certifications. Find the perfect fit for your automation, security, or transportation needs. Explore Fast!

Effortless Power Delivery - 48 Port Switches in London UK
Effortless Power Delivery (for PoE models) - 48-Port Poe Switch Gigabit

Networking Provides advanced monitoring solutions, system insights, proactive performance identification, efficient troubleshooting, hybrid switches, remote configuration, and SNMP integration. If you want to know more or buy a 48-port PoE switch, remember to call us.

48-Port PoE Switch Cisco

48-Port Switch - Scalability and Power Combined

A 48-port PoE switch can power 48 separate devices simultaneously. Isn't it amazing? Imagine how effortlessly it can boost your connection. This network switch in UK powerhouse provides simplified installation, more straightforward maintenance, and more economical operation. Moreover, it can meet each device's requirement for individual power outlets.

48 Port Switch Scalability and Power Combined in London UK

48 port poe switch price

48 port poe switch

48 port PoE switch hikvision

48-port poe switch cisco

48-port poe switch gigabit

48-port poe switch unifi

48-port poe switch aruba

48-Port PoE Switch Unifi

Expand Your Network Horizons – 48-port PoE Switch Aruba.

Built for Speed, Engineered for Reliability - Netgear Switches in London UK

48-Port PoE Switch Unifi

48-Port PoE switch unifies is a versatile 48-port gigabit managed PoE switch perfect for small and medium businesses, offering a 500W PoE budget and easy management with UniFi Network Controller software.

Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series Switches Price List in London UK

48-port PoE Switch Gigabit

48-port PoE switch Gigabit  is a networking device that offers data and power over a single Ethernet cable, particularly useful for power-hungry devices like security cameras and wireless access points. It is suitable for all sizes of companies.

Simplify Your Setup - Netgear Switches in London UK

48 port PoE switch hikvision

48-port PoE switch hikvision is a 48-port Gigabit Smart PoE switch for small and medium businesses, offering a 470W PoE budget and advanced features like VLANs and port security.if you want to know more, Reach out to us.

48 Port PoE Switch

Choose Connectivity that Boosts ROI

Energy-Efficient Operation, Reliable Performance, Versatile Connectivity

Experience high-performance networking with 48 port PoE switch hikvision, 48-port poe switch cisco because they are flexible option for small business networks, Networking arts offering 48 Gigabit PoE+ ports, 4 SFP uplink ports, and a 740W PoE switch budget. It offers secure, reliable operations, reduces operational costs, and can be set up quickly using app-based instructions.

48 port poe switch hikvision

Connect & Empower With Networking Arts

We are different from rest of the others. Now you must be thinking, how? Our cloud-based monitoring system allows flexible administration from anywhere, eliminating extra costs. We prioritize security with Access Control Lists, Port Security, and 802.1x authentication. For further details contact us or you can also read the buying guide of network switch.

(48) Gigabit RJ45 ports

(2) 1 Gbps SFP ports

(2) 1/10 Gbps SFP+ ports


Total, non-blocking throughput: 70 Gbps

Maximum power consumption: 500W

Supports POE+ IEEE 802.3at/af and 24VDC Passive PoE

Max Deliverable PoE: 500W

Frequently Asked Questions

A 48 port PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch is a network switch that provides power and data connectivity to up to 48 devices via Ethernet cables. It integrates Power over Ethernet technology, allowing for transmitting power and data over a single cable.

  • Simplified installation: With PoE technology, there’s no need for separate power outlets for each connected device, reducing cable clutter and simplifying installation.
  • Flexibility: PoE switches can power devices such as IP cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones, and IoT devices, making them ideal for diverse network setups.
  • Remote power management: PoE switches enable remote power cycling and monitoring of connected devices, enhancing network management capabilities.
  • Cost-effective: PoE switches can lower overall infrastructure costs by eliminating the need for additional power sources and reducing installation time.

A 48 port PoE switch can power a wide range of devices, including

  • IP cameras
  • Wireless access points
  • VoIP phones
  • Networked lighting systems
  • IoT (Internet of Things) devices
  • Access control systems
  • Intercom systems

The power budget of a 48-port PoE switch can vary depending on the model and specifications. However, typical PoE switches may provide anywhere from 15.4 watts (PoE) to 30 watts (PoE+) per port, with the total power budget ranging from around 370 watts to 720 watts or more.

Yes, it is possible to expand the number of PoE ports on a 48 port PoE switch by using additional PoE injectors or extenders. These devices inject power into Ethernet cables, allowing non-PoE switches to support PoE-enabled devices.

  1. Ensure that connected devices are compatible with the power requirements of the PoE switch.
  2. Avoid overloading the switch by exceeding its power budget.
  3. Use Ethernet cables rated for PoE to prevent overheating or damage.
  4. Follow manufacturer guidelines for installation and maintenance to prevent electrical hazards.
  5. Can a 48-port PoE switch be used in conjunction with non-PoE devices?
  6. Yes, a 48 port PoE switch can be used with non-PoE devices. PoE switches are backward compatible, meaning they supply power to PoE-enabled devices while providing standard data connectivity to non-PoE devices.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) and PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus) are standards for delivering power over Ethernet cables. The main difference is in the amount of power each standard can deliver. PoE provides up to 15.4 watts per port, while PoE+ can deliver up to 30 watts per port, making PoE+ suitable for powering high-power devices such as PTZ cameras and wireless access points with multiple radios.

  • Simplified network setup
    • By integrating switching and PoE capabilities, these switches reduce cabling complexity and eliminate the need for additional power outlets.
  • Cost-effective
    • They eliminate the need for separate power supplies, reducing overall hardware and installation costs.
  • Centralized power management
    • PoE switches enable centralized control and monitoring of power delivery to connected devices.
  • Scalability
  • These switches offer a scalable solution for powering and connecting multiple devices, making them suitable for various applications.

You can consult experts in networking Arts or visit our website for specific product details and specifications.

It can run up to 100 meters (Cat5e/Cat6) and 250 meters (high-quality Cat6).

POE switches have many disadvantages, including higher cost, increased power consumption, and potential heat generation.

Yes, especially under heavy load.

They use up to 200-750 watts.

Yes, You can say they are costly.

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