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Networking Arts

Behold The Power Of Refurbished IT Equipment– Build Future With Affordability

Networking Arts has long supported businesses with quality refurbished IT hardware in all sectors, including educational institutes and health organizations. Our store has gained a reputation for offering high-performance and reliable technology with environmentally friendly, budget-conscious solutions. Do you still need to buy new products and pay full price when you can buy a refurbished IT device from us at very reasonable prices? Buy them today! & experience the efficiency of Like-New hardware. Let your excitement browse our extensive inventory and find the perfect device to meet your needs.a

DELL 0YW17N – Refurbished 2.5″ 3.84 TB SAS

In stock

Original price was: £400.00.Current price is: £335.00. Inc.Vat: £402.00
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DELL 07FXC3 Refurbished M.2 480 GB Serial ATA III

In stock

Original price was: £155.00.Current price is: £140.00. Inc.Vat: £168.00
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In stock

Original price was: £99.00.Current price is: £80.00. Inc.Vat: £96.00
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SKU: 57412

Cisco ISR 4431 wired router Gigabit Ethernet Black

In stock

Original price was: £7,250.00.Current price is: £7,020.00. Inc.Vat: £8,424.00
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SKU: ISR4431/K9

Cisco SFP-10G-SR-S network transceiver module Fiber optic 10000 Mbit/s SFP+ 850 nm

In stock

Original price was: £140.00.Current price is: £120.00. Inc.Vat: £144.00
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Facts That Seal The Deal – What Make Us Stand Out

We've been a trusted name in refurbished IT equipment in UK for many years. Our successful journey shows how we worked hard to provide value in your profession without compromising quality. We aim to minimize waste and promote a circular economy. Our dedication to not compromising on quality keeps us ahead of our competitors.

Served Industries

The Refurbishment Process

Reduce, Reuse, Reclaim– Invest in Refurbished Electronics

Our experts have decade-long experience in integrating every device painstakingly to tailor your specific needs. We are skilled at restoring every device to its full potential, ensuring you get the best partner in your professional journey.

buy refurbished dell Accessories in uk

Get a special price from the person you contact in just one business day.

buy refurbished it equipment in uk

A simplified process starts with hearing your requirements and fulfilling them.

buy refurbished it equipment in uk

We integrate equipment to your exact expectations. We won't let you settle off the shelf.

buy refurbished it equipment in uk

Our refurbishment process includes data security and performance guarantees.

buy refurbished it equipment in uk

You will receive your refurbished device in secure, custom packaging.

buy refurbished dell Accessories in uk

You can choose single or multi-site delivery for your refurbished IT equipment.

buy refurbished it equipment in uk

We let you quickly replace faulty units and offer guaranteed peace of mind.

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Have a question about purchasing a product or solution you are interested in? Fill in the form, and we’ll respond within 24 Hours. Quote now and get a discount on bulk purchases.

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Reburbished Hardware Reseller

Drive Innovation Through Top IT Consulting Company of UK

For many years, Networking Arts has provided its customers with low-cost alternatives to new hardware. Our contributions are vaguely distinctive and offer the liberty to create a custom specification. We maintain a large inventory so users can select the reconditioned IT devices according to their needs and pockets. Whether you need refurbished PC parts, refurbished laptops for sale, or any other item, All build-to-order it equipment undergo rigorous diagnostic testing to ensure maximum efficiency. We are demonstrating a catalogue of over 10,000 items with huge savings on all the products. Whether you buy refurbished servers, refurbished Dell notebook computers, or refurbished laptops uk, you will get the best return-to-base warranty, matchless prices, and the most reliable IT devices. Moreover, Our custom-made packaging, including RAM and CPU trays, ensures you get your product ready to install. To avail of on-time, on-budget services, visit our store and buy the best, including computer memory and PC towers of your choice. You can also buy refurbished servers at very affordable prices.

Be part of the revolution, and be attached to the point where affordability meets reliability and crave devices like refurbished laptops, refurbished gaming PCs, computer memory, refurbished tech PC parts like laptops gaming PCs, and refurbished Dell notebook computers to Unleash the power of your potential without emptying your bank. You can get optimum performance in your professional journey and outlast your opponents in every aspect by using our refurbished laptops and gaming PCs. Networking Arts has gained popularity because of its refurbished tech PC parts, that gone through rigorous testing and procedures of quality assurance so that you don't get any unwanted issues after purchasing. We have everything you need to keep your journey smooth. You can buy refurbished laptops with computer memory and refurbished Dell notebook computers at very reasonable prices. This is the era, Where you need to go for refurbishment to make smart work because only smart choices bring prosperity and keep you ahead of competitors. Don't miss out on this chance to tech up for less – shop our refurbished sale today!

You can buy Storage, Memory, Hard drive, Networking, Server & Power Equipments, all types of Refurbished desktop storage, tower storage, rackmount storage, Personal storage, Memory, Laptop memory, desktop memory, server memory, Hard drive, SSD, desktop SSD, laptop SSD, server ssd, sata, desktop sata, laptop sata, server sata, Networking, network switches, switch modules, network adapters, network security & firewall devices, transceivers, wireless access points, routers, wireless routers, antennas, Servers, tower servers, rackmount server, blade server, Power, PC UPS , Enterprise Rack UPS, Power accessories,


Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver orders in the UK, the Middle East, and many parts of Europe. If you want to know about delivery to your location, please contact our customer service team. Our helpline # 020-4518-5865.

We handle orders of any size, from a single unit to over 1000. You can order one item or 1,000 items. There is no limitation from our side.

It depends on what you order and how much you order. Small orders (under 10 units) typically ship within three business days, while larger ones may have a lead time. Our dedicated account manager can give you specifics on timing and bulk pricing.

Networking Arts offers an industry-leading year warranty that covers the entire device. For specific information, please contact our representative, Phone  # 020-4518-5865, [email protected]

Just contact your account manager, or our tech support team by phone or email. They guarantee a response within 2 business hours.

Desktops come with a new power cable, laptops get a charger and cable, and monitors come with a power cable and display cable. Keyboards and mice are extra, though. Please call us and re-confirm the extras.

You will receive your order in three business days, depending on the nature and quantity of the order.

As we mentioned above, we are dealing and providing our services to all types of industries, including SMEs, healthcare, IT industry, the finance sector, Government institutes, beauty and fashion industry, education sectors, Private offices, etc

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